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The keto diet is much simpler than you think it is. There’s so much confusing and conflicting information about keto, but it doesn’t need to be complicated at all. Read through these articles to get the facts about this way of eating. It’s all here: what to eat and what to avoid, whether you should measure your ketones or use exogenous ketones, the roles of fasting and MCT oil, and more. Plus, Dr. Westman’s top tips for losing weight, getting rid of dreaded belly fat, dining out on keto, and his science-based opinions on artificial sweeteners, seed oils, and more.    

starting keto

What You Need To Know Before Starting Keto

Hi, I’m Dr. Eric Westman. I got started in keto research and medicine in 1998, about 25 years ago. Two patients came to me in the office while I was an ambulatory care doctor at the Veterans Affairs Clinic in Durham, North Carolina, and they lost over 50 pounds each.

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All you need to know about ketosis

I will talk about ketosis tonight – everything you wanted to know and everything that I want to know. I’m going to end with the question of whether we probably should just all be in ketosis all the time. I’m beginning to wonder, and you’ll see my reasoning. My background

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carnivore diet

The truth about Carnivore Diets

The carnivore diet…should you do it? Have you heard of it? The carnivore diet So many people ask me about the carnivore diet, and I’m a little bit torn. There seem to be some benefits, clearly, but there are a lot of unknowns. I was introduced to the carnivore diet

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Can you do keto and be vegan?

What is a vegan diet, and is it a healthy thing to do? Can you do a vegan keto? Veganism I have to say, I am not a teacher of a vegan diet, so I’m going to share with you, a credible source of information about what a vegan diet

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Five Biggest Mistakes Doing Keto

These are the top 5 mistakes I see people making when trying a keto diet: 1. Counting Net Carbs Using net carbs instead of total carbs messes up a lot of people. Let me explain. In the “internet keto” world, different brands and influencers teach keto in many different ways.

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keto foods

Dr. Westman’s top 5 keto foods

I think the top five healthy foods are eggs (any style that you like), meat and poultry (any style that you like), fish and seafood (any way you like it – without carbs, of course),  cauliflower or other non-starchy vegetables (the ones you like), and spinach or other greens (eat

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start keto

Top 10 tips to start keto

#1 Understand what keto means What is keto? Keto is not a food, keto is not a brand name, keto is not a license to eat whatever is called “keto.” Keto is a metabolic state. “Keto” comes from the term “ketosis,” which really means fat burning. The most important thing,

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Fast food

Fast food is now keto?

I started researching low-carb keto diets over 20 years ago and I didn’t know much about nutrition. Like most doctors, I didn’t get much training in nutrition in medical school or in residency. I did an internal medicine residency and I did learn about total parenteral nutrition, which is what

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Cancer Myths

Addressing Cancer Myths and Metabolic Health

Dr. Eric Westman: Hi, everyone. My guest today is Dr. Christy Kesslering. She is a radiation oncologist and a member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners, of which I am a board member as well. Christy practices in the Chicagoland area as a “seeing patients” oncologist, which I love.

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metabolic syndrome

How keto helps metabolic syndrome

You may have never heard of metabolic syndrome before. In fact, many doctors don’t even know what it is because it’s a relatively new concept. When we look at heart disease risk factors, metabolic syndrome is a risk factor that’s much stronger than the traditional way of looking at a

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weight loss

How keto helps weight loss

The keto diet is not a new concept The low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet is best known for its effect on helping people lose weight. In fact, it was discovered almost 150 years ago that if you took carbohydrates (sugars and starches) out of the diet, you would lose weight. It was

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Keto and blood lipids

Keto and blood lipids When you do a keto lifestyle, your metabolism changes because your body is now burning fat for its primary fuel. Burning fat for fuel means that you are also burning ketones, and ketones substitute for glucose in most of the cells where glucose was used before

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Does keto cause constipation?

We need to talk about what constipation really is and what it isn’t. What is constipation? Most people come to me thinking that having a bowel movement less often than they’re used to is constipation – but that’s not constipation. Some people come to me worried that they’re not having

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vegetable oils

The truth about vegetable oils

If people want to avoid vegetable and seed oils and get most of their fat from animal sources, that’s fine, but we know that this is not necessary. Thousands of people have had great success with low-carb and keto diets – whether it be for weight loss or reversing type

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internet diet

Is internet diet advice derailing you?

Are you distracted by diet information on the internet? The internet can be confusing I work at Duke University. I’ve been there since 1990, studying low-carb keto diets since 1998. I find that a lot of people come to me with the darndest questions. Many of these questions come from

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stop eating fat

Should you stop eating fat?

A recent study has come out saying dietary fat is bad. There will probably be more coming that say dietary fat is bad and there have been many before that say that dietary fat is bad. I don’t believe them. I’ll tell you why. Context: the Atkins diet Years ago,

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lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat

I’ve been helping people lose weight and reverse diabetes and other metabolic problems at Duke University now for over 20 years, starting with our initial research and now with the clinical care that we give. It strikes me that the fundamental principle that’s missing in the knowledge of people coming

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20 pounds

How to lose 20 pounds on keto

Keto can be simple If you’re just starting out or if you’re trying to get to those last 20 pounds after a long journey, this topic is for you. Does it depend on the context? On the type of food you’re having? No, it doesn’t. This is going to surprise

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lose weight

How to lose weight – it’s simple, eat less!

How to lose weight I’ve heard people saying lately, “I’m not eating enough; that’s why I’m not losing weight.” Does that make sense to you? To eat more so that you can lose weight? The reason is that there’s an internet urban legend that the less you eat, you go

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Why keto ISN’T actually restrictive

Existing keto “brands” If you’re brand new here, you will find that there are many different “brands” of keto today. You’re also going to find a lot of different people selling these brands of keto. I want you to be very careful and find a source of information that is

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