Sugar & Food Addiction — Dr. Vera Tarman
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sugar & food addiction

Learn the facts about sugar & food addiction

Do you feel...

If the above sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Sugar & Food Addiction with addiction specialist, Dr. Vera Tarman, is exactly what you’ve been looking for! 


Vera Tarman, MD, is the Medical Director of one of Canada’s largest treatment centers for substance abuse.  She is an internationally renowned expert on sugar & food addiction and is the author of Food Junkies: Recovery From Food Addiction.  Additionally, she co-hosts the Food Junkies Podcast, runs educational workshops, and is a featured speaker at medical & academic conferences & a highly respected authority on diagnosing and treating food addiction.  Moreover, Dr. Tarman has lived the food addiction experience herself: she is a recovering food addict who has maintained a 100-pound weight loss for more than 12 years.

A video message from Dr. Tarman:

course overview

The Sugar & Food Addiction course will guide you through why you feel out of control around food—& how to break free.  It is a self-paced, online, video-based training program designed to help you understand the biology and neurochemistry of food addiction so that you can identify the specific foods and food behaviors that are problematic for you in order to create your own food plan that you can implement and enjoy for the long term. Equipped with the plan that works best for you, you can begin to be free of the hold food has over you, take control of your eating habits, and finally, achieve the weight loss & health goals that you’ve so desperately been seeking.   

Course Duration

3 weeks

Course Price

USD $167.00

Course Level


How The program works

The Sugar & Food Addiction program is made up of 2 components.

Modules & Lessons

A self-paced online course consisting of video lessons and pdf resources. All course material is housed in a password-protected student portal. Students can gain access to their training videos, resources, and other student tools at any time by logging in to their secure student portal.

Interactive Zoom Sessions

Over and above the course lessons, students will also have 3 weekly live recap & Q & A sessions with Dr. Tarman through Zoom.  All Zoom sessions will be recorded and a link to watch the replay will be sent via email the following day, so if you’re unable to attend live, you can watch the replay at any time.

you will learn


you will get

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These lessons are the heart of the course. Dr. Tarman makes complex, high-level science understandable and accessible so that you will have actionable information you can use to begin your recovery from food addiction.  You can watch the videos as many times as you wish during the course, and you will have continued access to your student portal after the course ends so that you can log in and replay them anytime you’d like a refresher.

An invaluable opportunity!  These LIVE sessions are your chance to go beyond what’s in the lessons and ask Dr. Tarman to dive deeper into issues of specific interest to you or to provide more clarity on anything in the course. If you can’t attend a LIVE session, you’ll receive a link the very next day so you can watch the REPLAY at any time.

Although Dr. Tarman cannot provide personalized medical advice during these sessions, they are an opportunity to interact directly with a physician whose career is dedicated to diagnosing and treating food addiction and helping people succeed along the path to food freedom.

Upon request, you will also receive a discount code to download an electronic copy of Dr. Vera’s full book for $8.00 USD. A fact-filled guide to understanding the biology behind sugar and food addiction and learning how to cope with overeating problems. Written by an experienced addiction doctor who draws on science and clinician experience. Includes multiple patients’ stories of recovery.

A compilation of books, videos, podcasts, and other resources from trusted authorities on sugar and food addiction.  These resources will provide you with ongoing education and support long after the course ends.  This compilation also includes recommended papers from the scientific and medical literature for professionals and interested laypeople who want to explore select peer-reviewed publications in this area of research.

All 18 lessons come with complete transcripts that you can use to follow along while you watch the videos, or print out to read at your leisure and refer back to at any time. (Like all the pdf resources that come with the course, you can download and save these—they are yours to keep.)

Dr. Westman guides you through his prescription-strength keto method and food list, through which he has helped thousands of patients for more than twenty years. It’s the simplest, least complicated, and most straightforward approach to ridding yourself of food cravings and conquering your addictive behavior around food.

Multiple pdf resources with actionable strategies for managing & avoiding food cravings, dealing with “food pushers,” and getting past the lies the food-addicted brain uses to keep you mired in self-destructive habits.  This information will be invaluable for aiding in your recovery from sugar or food addiction. 

course content

Module 1: What is Food Addiction?

Module 2: Am I a Food Addict?

Module 3: Food Addiction Treatment

Module 4: It’s Not Just About the Food

Module 5: Food Addiction Issues


There are logical scientific explanations for why you engage in behaviors that may feel irrational to you.  Certain foods have very specific effects on your brain chemistry – effects that override the “higher-order” part of your brain that controls conscious decision-making and sensible actions.  Learning about these effects and identifying which foods are the most problematic for you are the keys to using this biology in your favor rather than trying to follow diets that work against it at every turn – a strategy that has failed you every time.  The Sugar & Food Addiction course will teach you how to make peace with food and gain control of your eating by harnessing your brain chemistry and directing it to work for you in a way that supports healthful habits and food serenity for the long term. 

**This is the first course of its kind!  Nowhere is this information laid out so clearly for students, professionals, or the lay public.

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