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the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!

the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!


Adapt Your Life® Academy

Dr. Christy Kesslering’s

Metabolic Nutrition For Cancer

An evidence-based program using a therapeutic ketogenic diet to improve metabolic health for optimal cancer outcomes.

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Course Price

7 hours

Course Duration

Conflicting advice about diet & cancer is confusing & overwhelming

If you don’t have a plan…

You’re frightened and confused.

You’re chasing ideas that may not help your outcome.

You’re guessing instead of following a proven process.

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed and scared.

There’s a better way.

Metabolic Nutrition for Cancer will give you a concrete plan to support an improved treatment outcome, maximize the possibility of remission, and reduce your risk of recurrence.

How Does Our 4-Step Plan Work?

Cancer is NOT a death sentence. You are not powerless. There are specific actions you can take to target aspects of metabolism that are known to reduce risk for cancer and favorably influence the course of treatment for those who already have it.

1. Identify

your baseline

Get the key tests done to understand your state of metabolic health so you’ll know what to focus on to reduce your risk for cancer or optimize your treatment outcome.

2. Learn

the science

Understand the role of glucose, insulin, and other growth factors in facilitating cancer growth and how a ketogenic diet and physical activity influence all the hallmarks of cancer.

3. Implement

Your plan

Customize and follow a therapeutic ketogenic diet tailored to your unique needs so you can experience the maximal beneficial effects of carbohydrate restriction.

4. Assess

your results

Evaluate the improvements in your metabolic health so you can see the positive impact your ketogenic diet is having on your biomarkers and risk for chronic metabolic illness.

When you optimize the four key parts of your metabolic health, you’ll not only feel confident in your cancer plan – you’ll actually be able to optimize your outcome and reduce your risk for cancer recurrence. 

Meet Your Teacher

Christy Kesslering, MD, is a board-certified radiation oncologist whose career is dedicated to working with cancer and non-cancer patients to optimize cancer outcomes, improve quality of life, and reverse chronic diseases. She is a founding member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners and is on the leading edge of cancer care, having actively incorporated metabolic health practices into the care of oncology patients for years. She has been named a Top Doctor multiple times by Castle Connolly and Chicago Magazine.

Your Plan For The Best Possible Treatment Outcome

Step 1

enroll now

Get access to the full course – 4 modules consisting of 16 lessons, plus PDF guides and 3 pre-recorded review and Q&A sessions with Dr. Christy Kesslering.

Step 2


Learn how to implement a new plan towards optimal health so you can feel empowered on your cancer journey.

Step 3


You’re putting a solid plan in place for the most favorable outcome possible.

How will Metabolic Nutrition for Cancer help you optimize your cancer treatment outcome? Watch this video from Dr. Kesslering.

▶ Watch Video

Here’s what you get when you enroll in the course.

Metabolic Nutrition For Cancer

What’s inside?

▶  Lesson 1: Introduction and definitions – what you need to know about cancer

▶  Lesson 2: Somatic (gene) theory versus metabolic theory of cancer

▶  Lesson 3: Cancer as a lifestyle disease (and what that means)

▶  Lesson 4: How metabolism impacts your risk of developing cancer (and why metabolic therapy can change the outcome)

▶  Lesson 1: How your metabolic health can improve cancer outcomes

▶  Lesson 2: How to improve your quality of life with diet

▶  Lesson 3: How to improve cancer outcomes with diet

▶  Lesson 4: How a therapeutic ketogenic diet can help with your cancer treatment

▶  Lesson 1: How to track and measure to assess your diet

▶  Lesson 2: How to formulate a ketogenic diet to optimize your metabolic health

▶  Lesson 3: How to troubleshoot your therapeutic ketogenic diet

▶  Lesson 4: Understanding fats – they are not all the same

▶  Lesson 1: Plant-based diet recommendations lack evidence

▶  Lesson 2: Why meat is not the enemy

▶  Lesson 3: Why smoothies are not optimal

▶  Lesson 4: Why muscle matters in cancer outcomes

By the end of this program you will have:


Diet & Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risk

You will understand the modifiable factors you can control that influence cancer outcome and risk for cancer, and you’ll understand how insulin resistance and chronically elevated blood sugar play a pivotal role in your metabolic health – and why you need to optimize your diet now.


An Understanding of How To Read Your Lab Tests

You’ll be an informed participant in your healthcare. You’ll understand which measurements are key for reducing cancer risk and assessing progress in improving your metabolic health.


The Knowledge to Implement a Keto Diet

You’ll be empowered to implement, personalize, assess, and optimize your diet to improve your metabolic health and support improved outcomes during your cancer treatment. You’ll also know the myths to ignore and understand the facts about the influence of red meat, fruits, vegetables, and other foods on cancer outcomes.


Actions To Improve Your Treatment Outcome

You’ll have the information you need on dietary and lifestyle factors to implement to minimize the adverse effects of chemotherapy and reduce your risk for cancer recurrence. You’ll understand why cancer is not primarily a genetic disease and why a family history of cancer is not your health destiny.

Any Questions?

Tap the + sign below to open up the answers for each question.

The video lessons are presented by Christy Kesslering, MD, a board-certified radiation oncologist whose career is dedicated to working with cancer and non-cancer patients to optimize cancer outcomes, improve quality of life, and reverse chronic diseases. She is a founding member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners and is on the leading edge of cancer care, having actively incorporated metabolic health practices into the care of oncology patients for years. She has been named a Top Doctor multiple times by Castle Connolly and Chicago Magazine. Dr. Kesslering began her career in conventional medicine but she realized that something was missing from the standard approaches, so she completed additional training in functional medicine, integrative medicine, and the terrain theory of cancer. In addition to improved cancer outcomes, these strategies have led to improvements in a wide array of other conditions among her patients.

Dr. Kesslering cannot provide personalized medical advice. However, what you will learn in the course and during the live sessions will equip you with the information you need in order to have an informed, proactive discussion with your own medical team.

Yes. The course presents numerous ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer, and if you are already living with cancer, the course also provides information on specific dietary and lifestyle factors that have been shown to improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of recurrence.

No. This course is an educational resource only. You must always work with your medical care team to determine the appropriate course of action for your personal situation. This course presents scientific evidence that suggests certain dietary and lifestyle factors may be helpful when used as adjuncts in combination with standard treatments. Nothing in the course should be considered personalized medical advice, nor be understood to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical condition.

Metabolic Nutrition for Cancer is suitable for laypeople and professionals alike. The course delivers high-level science and physiology in a down-to-earth presentation that provides actionable information and education for both patients and providers. Each lesson in the course contains numerous scientific citations and a reference list is provided so that you can further explore the published research if you desire. The content of the course will be especially useful for medical professionals helping patients to optimize and troubleshoot ketogenic diets during cancer treatment as well as for overall improved metabolic health.

The price for the course is $397 (USD) – an incredible value to learn from a leading expert in the metabolic theory of cancer, with many years of experience helping patients improve cancer outcomes as well as supporting overall health and wellbeing in patients who do not have cancer. Additionally, the LIVE sessions are an amazing opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from Dr. Kesslering, who has combined dietary and lifestyle interventions with standard treatments to support patients before, during, and after cancer treatment.

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll receive immediate access to the full course in a welcome email with instructions and logins. This email will contain important links and other information you will need to easily access and navigate your course.

Yes. The course is yours to keep permanently. This means you can log in and watch the video lessons and review sessions as many times as you wish. Additionally, the pdf resources are yours to keep – you can save them to your device and/or print them if you prefer to have hard copies to refer to.

The course includes replays of 3 review and Q&A sessions Dr. Kesslering recorded with previous students of this course. We recommend that you watch those to see if your questions are answered in those sessions. If not, simply send us an email ( and put “Cancer course question” in the subject line. However, please note that  Dr. Kesslering cannot provide personalized medical advice nor create a customized plan for you. Questions of a general nature related to any of the course material are welcome, and there are additional resources in your course library for continued learning.

Yes! We know that the “tech” may feel a bit intimidating, but rest assured, it’s very simple. We want all of our students to have a seamless experience, so if you run into any difficulty, simply send us an email and our tech support team will be happy to assist you.

Most people with cancer don’t have a plan they feel confident in

They feel lost and overwhelmed in the sea of conflicting information regarding cancer treatment.

By joining Metabolic Nutrition for Cancer you’ll have the tools you need to take action now to reduce your risk for cancer or improve your treatment outcome. You’ll feel confident in implementing dietary and lifestyle strategies that support your metabolic health. And you’ll have the clarity to make informed choices based on scientific evidence, for the best possible cancer outcome.

Your seat is waiting for you!

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