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the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!

the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!


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keto made simple

with Dr. Eric Westman

Comprehensive teaching on the most effective way to do keto.

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You’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the avalanche of information out there about the keto diet! Dr. Westman’s simple 4-step N.E.S.T. program will take you from keto confusion to keto confidence so you can start getting the results you want.

About Dr. Eric Westman

Eric Westman MD MHS is an internal medicine doctor, obesity medicine specialist, and unshakable optimist who has dedicated his life to helping people with medical conditions such as type 1 & type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension, and many others, through diet & lifestyle choices. He is the Director of the Keto Medicine Clinic at Duke University and spearheaded some of the earliest research on ketogenic diets in the modern era. With over 20 years of clinical research and caring for patients, Dr. Westman helps people take control of their health so they can live a transformed life free of chronic illness and endless medications.

How the program works

1. The Course – Consists of 12 video lessons across 4 modules, plus a welcome video from Dr. Westman, all designed to teach you the simplest and most effective way to do a keto diet. The course is self-paced, which means you can make your way through the videos as quickly or as slowly as you like. Each module has a corresponding quiz to help you feel confident that you’ve learned what you need to know to get the best results with keto. Additionally, the course includes a resource library from which you can download helpful documents, such as the Adapt Keto Food list, a recipe booklet, sample meal plans, and an FAQ (frequently asked questions). Also housed in the resource library are full transcripts for all 12 video lessons. All of the resources in the course library are yours to keep permanently. You cannot save the video lessons, but you can log in to your student portal and watch them as many times as you wish, even long after the course ends. 

2. The Support – Beyond the course itself, you will also have 3 weeks of dedicated support from Dr. Westman and our team of experienced admins, all of whom are long-term keto success stories themselves, and who have years of experience coaching others. This is done inside a private, student-only Facebook group. This is where you can get your non-medical-related questions answered by the team and connect with fellow classmates. The support component of the class also includes two LIVE interactive Q & A sessions each week with Dr. Westman and AYLA Lead Nutritionist, Amy Berger. During these live Facebook sessions, you can ask questions and get feedback from the speakers in real-time. All live sessions are recorded and will be available to watch on the replay in the Facebook group for those who cannot watch live. They will also be sent via email the following day for those who choose not to participate in the Facebook group.

Course Overview

The Keto Made Simple course is an actionable online video-based training program that includes 3 weeks of private group support, teaching you powerful and effective tactics & strategies to lose weight, control hunger, burn fat, and optimize your health.

Whether you’re new to keto or are more advanced, the Keto Made Simple Masterclass will show you exactly how to start, progress, & execute keto the right way — the simple way! 

No tracking of food, no measuring macros, just the key steps to take so you can feel confident about your food choices and reach your goals.


3 weeks


USD $167.00


Beginner / Intermediate

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what you will learn

what you will get

An introduction to the course, why it was created, and what you can expect from it.

These lessons are the main part of the course. Learn how to do keto directly from Dr. Westman, who has more than two decades of experience helping people from all walks of life be successful with weight loss, reversing type 2 diabetes, normalizing hormones in PCOS, and breaking free from a long list of other health issues, such as heartburn (GERD), hypertension, fatty liver, migraines, hypoglycemia, and more. You will learn the simplest and most effective way to follow a keto diet and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. And it’s just real food—no special products needed, and you don’t need to count macros, track your food, or measure ketones. Dr. Westman will help you do keto simply and safely, whether you’re brand new to eating this way or you need a reset back to the basics to get results that eluded you on other programs. (You can watch the videos as many times as you wish during the course, and you will have continued access to your student portal after the course ends so you can log in and replay them anytime you’d like a refresher.)

Above and beyond the video lessons from Dr. Westman, you will have access to a private, student-only Facebook group where you can interact with fellow classmates for the 3-week duration of the course. Dr. Westman participates in the group, along with our Lead Nutritionist, Amy Berger, and a team of rockstar admins, all of whom are long-term keto success stories, themselves, and who have years of experience helping others with low-carb & keto diets. The level of support you’ll experience is unparalleled. Our team will be there to answer your questions, help troubleshoot, and above all, encourage and support you. (Participation in the Facebook group is not required but it will give you a richer and more robust experience with the course.) 

An invaluable opportunity! Dr. Westman and nutritionist Amy Berger (co-author of Dr. Westman’s book, End Your Carb Confusion) will broadcast LIVE in the Facebook group each week. These sessions will review & recap the course content while also giving you the chance to go beyond what’s in the lessons and ask Dr. Westman and Amy questions you may have about keto diets, metabolism, general health, and related topics. (They cannot answer questions of a personal medical nature, however. Please work with your own physician, with whom you have an established doctor-patient relationship.) If you cannot attend live, all sessions are recorded and the following day you will receive an email with a link to watch the replay at your convenience.  

Keto in a nutshell!  A 48-page go-to handbook that contains everything you need to know in order to do keto simply and successfully.  It includes a basic intro to why and how keto works, the food list and guidelines, tips for troubleshooting, and more. It’s the perfect complement & addition to the videos for those who learn better through reading.

Our ADAPT Keto Food List will tell you exactly what to eat and what to avoid. You will have simple, straightforward guidelines that remove the guesswork and confusion you may have faced when trying to follow other programs. (You will not need to count calories or macros. And the best part? If you follow the guidelines as written, you won’t even have to count carbs!)

Unsure of what to eat? We’ve got you covered! The food list you’ll get in the course makes everything ultra-simple, but if you need additional ideas or want to branch out and try something new, our meal plans will help you prepare in advance so you’ll know what to shop for and you’ll always have suitable foods on hand and ready to go. (You are not required to follow the meal plans during the course; they are provided as suggestions for when you need some direction & inspiration.)

37 recipes to get you started with keto or introduce you to a few new things. Some of these are included in the meal plans and many of them were created by graduates of previous Keto Made Simple cohorts—who used them along their successful journeys toward weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes!  All recipes included are suitable for our food list.

Helpful guides about mindset, understanding weight fluctuation, and information on the many benefits of keto diets beyond just weight loss. There’s also a detailed FAQ that will help you to keep things simple and avoid the most common problems people run into on a keto diet.

All 12 lessons come with complete transcripts that you can use to follow along while you watch the videos or print out to read at your leisure and refer back to at any time. (Like all the pdf resources that come with the course, you can download and save these—they are yours to keep.)

course content

Module 1: Nutrition in a Nutshell

Module 2: What to Eat

Module 3: Getting Started

Module 4: Training Your Mindset​

Is this course for me?

If you’ve spent years doing “all the right things” but you’re still dealing with excess weight, type 2 diabetes, heartburn, joint pain, fatigue, skin problems, or other issues, the Keto Made Simple Masterclass is for you.  This class will take you from feeling frustrated & disappointed to empowered & successful, with an overwhelming sense of ‘wow’, I really can do this.  Are you ready to get results?

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