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the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!

the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!


Adapt Your Life® Academy

frequently asked questions:
Keto Made Simple Masterclass

Dr. Eric Westman, MD, MHS 

Dr. Westman is an internationally sought after authority and educator on the science and practical applications of low-carb and ketogenic diets.  For the past 20 years, his clinic at Duke University has been the destination for physicians and patients alike, wanting to truly understand and implement the low-carb ketogenic diet to treat chronic illness.  He is known for his research, having spearheaded some of the first clinical trials in the U.S on low-carb eating.  He is an internal medicine physician and board certified in obesity medicine. He is a past president of the Obesity Medicine Association and is a New York Times best-selling author.  He is the clinical director of Adapt Your Life® Academy.

Nope!  It’s the perfect fit for anyone who is just getting started with their weight loss and health efforts, but it will also be helpful for more experienced keto followers who are looking for a refresher and to get back to basics.  It provides a solid foundation and understanding of the keto diet that will leave you feeling confident that you’ll be successful with keto going forward.

Yes.  However, as with any new diet, if you have a medical condition or you’re on medication, we recommend that you consult with your doctor first, particularly if you are taking medication for type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.  Changing the way you eat is often even more powerful than medication.  As you get healthier, your medication may become too strong and adjustments will need to be made under your doctor’s supervision.

The Masterclass is just $167 – an absolute steal for the value of the resources and community support you’ll receive.  Not only do you get the actual course (modules/lessons), but you also get a full THREE weeks of support inside of a private student-only Facebook group.

The KMS Masterclass is a self-paced video course with Dr. Eric Westman.  It includes 3 weeks of group support within a private Facebook group (exclusively for KMS students), where  Dr. Westman, Amy Berger and the ADAPT team will be there to support you during the 3 week program.  The course itself has 4 modules (three lessons in each module), designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum so you can get started as soon as possible if you’re new to keto, or get back on the right path if you’ve been doing it for a while but need to reorient back to the basics.  

Yes.  The course itself is a video training course inside of a private student-only portal.  (  The Facebook group is NOT the course.  The Facebook group is  essentially an  ‘additional support’ option over and above the course, for a period of 3 weeks.   It is not mandatory to join the Facebook group, but we highly recommend it in order to get the full intended experience and added benefits of support and community.

Great news – you will have lifetime access as all the written content in your resource library (inside your student portal) is downloadable, including the video transcripts, meaning you can download it onto your computer, so you will always have access to it, whenever, wherever.  The videos themselves, however, are not downloadable.  As for the members area, (your student portal), you will have access to your portal for a period of no less than 4 months, and possibly longer.

The Masterclass is based on the method Dr. Westman has used in his clinic for over 20 years.  The food list and method of implementation is backed by clinical research and thousands of patients who have lost weight, reversed chronic illness, eliminated medications, and regained their vitality and zest for life.  Plus, armed with the knowledge you’ll gain in the Masterclass, you’ll be ready to get started with keto or jump back in if you’ve been away for a bit, with nothing to buy but your food!  No special gadgets or devices needed, no complicated tracking software. Just great low-carb foods.

There is free information readily available on the internet.  A lot of it.  However, much of what you’ll find is conflicting, confusing, and downright incorrect and scientifically inaccurate.  Following the wrong advice can lead you further away from where you want to be.  The KMS Masterclass with Dr. Westman is a proven and simple program that’s worked for thousands of his patients, and it can work for you, too.  His simple, 4-step N.E.S.T. framework will leave you feeling inspired, confident, and ready to move forward on your own.  It’s straightforward and uncomplicated.  You don’t need to sift through hundreds of videos and spend thousands of hours trying to keep track of unnecessary details.  We’ve designed the KMS Masterclass to enable you to be  successful the first time, without being sidetracked by mistakes that are common when people follow unproven and untested methods.


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