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the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!

the stall slayer masterclass enrollment officially closed!


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frequently asked questions:
End Your Cholesterol Confusion

The video lessons are presented by Eric Westman, MD, MHS.

Dr. Westman is an internationally renowned authority and educator on the science and practical applications of low-carb and ketogenic diets. For the past 20 years, his clinic at Duke University has been a sought-after destination for both patients and physicians who want to understand and implement the low-carb ketogenic diet to treat chronic illness. He is highly regarded for his research, having spearheaded some of the first clinical trials in the U.S. on low-carb eating patterns. He is an internal medicine physician and board certified in obesity medicine. He is a past president of the Obesity Medicine Association and is a New York Times best-selling author. He is the clinical director of Adapt Your Life® Academy.

Not at all. This is not a low-carb course or a keto course. It is a cholesterol course. Dr. Westman does address cholesterol-related issues that are of unique concern to individuals following low-carb diets but this is a very small part of the course. End Your Cholesterol Confusion is intended to provide education about cholesterol and cardiovascular disease to anyone, regardless of the type of diet they follow.

End Your Cholesterol Confusion is suitable for laypeople and professionals alike. The course presents high-level science and physiology in a down-to-earth manner that delivers actionable education and information for both patients and providers.

Yes, most definitely. End Your Cholesterol Confusion will deepen your understanding of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease so that you can be proactive and take steps to improve your risk for cardiovascular disease whether or not you are already taking medication.

Yes! There’s an entire lesson dedicated to this specific issue. After taking the course, you will feel empowered to have an informed and respectful conversation with your doctor so that you can work together to create a path forward that you are comfortable with. (And for the medical professionals, this lesson may help facilitate more fruitful discussions with your patients.)

Dr. Westman cannot provide individualized medical advice. You are encouraged to work with your own physician, with whom you have an established doctor-patient relationship. However, questions of a general nature about cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diet/nutrition, and metabolic health are welcome at any time.

Again, Dr. Westman cannot provide personalized medical advice nor comment on anyone’s individual lipid panels (cholesterol tests). However, the Zoom sessions are still a phenomenal opportunity to ask questions about interpreting lipid panels in general and to get clarification on anything in the video lessons that you would like explained in more detail.

If you’re not able to join the live Zoom sessions due to schedule conflicts or differences in time zones, all live sessions will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch the replay by email the next day. So even if you can’t be there live, you will be able to watch the session afterward.

Yes, absolutely. Simply send us an email (academy@adaptyourlife.com) with the subject line: “Cholesterol Question” and either Dr. Westman will answer it during one of the Zoom sessions, or he or one of our experienced admins will provide you an answer via email.

Yes! We know that the “tech” can feel a bit intimidating, but rest assured, it’s very simple. We want all of our students to have a seamless experience, so if you run into any difficulty, simply send us an email and our tech support team will be happy to assist you.

The course is $167 USD.  This is an incredible value for the wealth of information you will receive, not to mention an unprecedented opportunity to interact LIVE with Dr. Westman, a leading expert in nutrition and metabolism, during three Zoom video sessions. This is a one-time only special price being offered exclusively for the first cohort of the course.  End Your Cholesterol Confusion will not be available at this price again in the future, so we recommend doing the course now in order to take advantage of this limited-time extreme value offering.

Good news: the pdf resources, video transcripts, and all other written content in your student portal are yours to keep permanently.  You can download it and save it, and even print it out if you prefer to have hard copies.  The video lessons are not downloadable, but the video transcripts of the lessons are. 


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